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The SWARM.. Backwards!

Thorpe Park have been releasing ‘clues’ about their new modification to an existing attraction through social networking over the past week and successfully confused fans as to what was going to be added for the 2013 season.

#firstclue about our plans for this year… Experience the evolution

#secondclue about our surprise plans for this year. Can you guess what we’re doing? The sting is in the tail…

#thirdclue Beware a catastrophic killer which attacks rebels defying submission.

“We have a surprise for you!”

The third clue that Thorpe Park released is actually an acronym for backwards, which some people spotted but not necessarily linked with the SWARM. That’s right, the modification for 2013 includes their 2012 flagship coaster The SWARM.

The last two rows at the back of the SWARM trains have been reversed so the riders are facing well, backwards. This means riding at the back will bring a unique experience however it is not yet known how queuing specifically for these seats will work.

“Be dragged backwards into a blind 127ft drop before hurtling through the wasted landscape in a series of gut-wrenching near misses, including, new for 2013, the mangled metal of a devastated billboard.”

Many people did not experience riding The SWARM on the back rows before the modification, including myself, it looks like we will never be able to… except backwards.

So the question is will you be daring to ride the SWARM backwards?

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Date: January 21st, 2013
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